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Salivating over OPI Shatter Nail Polishes

As you have probably learned by now, I am crazy about nail polish and love to stay up to date on all the latest nail crazes. The latest one: OPI Shatter.

In January, as part of the Katy Perry OPI nail collection, they released a top coat called black shatter, which creates a crackled pattern when worn over nail polish. This was a big hit and now OPI has announced that six new shatter polishes are going to be released in May wherever OPI is sold.

OPI will be launching Silver Shatter as part of their Pirates of the Caribbean collection which features a variety of pastel colors.

Pirates of the Caribbean

There will be a Red Shatter and White Shatter as part of the new Serena Williams Grand Slam collection. This launch will coincide with the French Open.

Glam Slam

Also, OPI will be releasing three stand-alone colors: Turquoise Shatter, Blue Shatter and Navy Shatter.

Beautiful blues

Instructions for using Shatter polish:

1.     Apply a base coat.

2.     Apply 1-2 coats of regular nail polish.

3.     Apply 1 thin coat evenly of the shatter nail polish once over dried regular polish.

4.     If you desire a glossy look, as opposed to a more matte look, finish the look with a top coat.

I haven’t tried the shatter look yet, but I am very excited to. It adds a little pizazz to your nails. Have you tried the Shatter OPI nail polish yet? What are your thoughts?