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Puddle Jumping with Swims

Believe it or not, I enjoy a good rainy day from time-to-time. It gives me a good excuse to wear oversized sweaters, lay in bed all day (if it’s not a work day) and sport cute rain boots when I finally get out off bed and out the front door.

A cute pair of rain boots can totally change the direction of a rainy day. It can turn my frown upside down and put a little extra pep in my step (pun intended). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it makes getting around town in a downpour so much easier. Puddle in my way? No problem, I can splash my way through that without soaking my socks. And while I love my riding-boot-inspired rain boots, I had been lusting after a pair of ankle rain booties recently. Something seems so effortless and chic about a short boot that I don’t have to tug over my jeans.

Enter, Swims. The Dora boot was the answer to my rainy prayers. These ankle booties are easy to slip on as I run out the front door and work with almost any outfit I could dream up. Plus, the pop of orange brightens up even the most dreary of days. If I wasn’t trying to save money (ha!) I would seriously consider buying the Dora in all available colors. Let’s be honest, I’m considering it even though I’m trying to save money.



Sadly, it’s only rained twice since these beauties entered my life, but I wore them both days. I was excited enough just knowing I was wearing new rain booties, but it didn’t hurt that I received loads of compliments. Next thing you know, my entire office will be puddle jumping in their own pair of swims.

What footwear do you slip on when the rain starts?

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclosure

Look Radiant In Rain Gear

The weather in Boston has been far from lovely lately. I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun, since it seems to be pouring every time I venture outside. I have tried to keep my shoes from getting ruined, but there are unavoidable puddles everywhere I turn.

After I saw the effects of the water on all of my leather shoes (even though I water proofed them), I decided it was time to finally buy some new rain gear. I have never liked raincoats or rain boots because I never viewed them as being cute, but it turns out there are actually a lot of fashionable options!

If you’re walking to class during the week or headed out for a day of shopping on Saturday, it’s best to have a casual look. The North Face has a variety of rain jackets that really keep you dry. I personally love the Women’s Resolve Jacket, which is retailed at $80.00. If you want to brighten up your rainy day, opt for this jacket in Octopus Blue or Pink Pearl. Choose a pair of rain boots that have a fun pattern like these Lauren by Ralph Lauren leopard boots or these Merona pink polka dot boots.

Lauren By Ralph Lauren Rossalyn II Rain Boots: $75.00

For a nighttime event where you’re wearing a cocktail dress, a trench raincoat is more suitable and classic. This Belted Trench Coat from Calvin Klein comes with a removable lining and is water repellant.

Calvin Klein Belted Trench Coat: $164.99

It comes in Black, Champagne, and Red Hot and is $164.99.  Another great aspect of this coat is that it comes with a belt, which cinches you in and makes your waist appear smaller. Stay away from the bright colored boots and choose a subdued pair like these black houndstooth boots from Puddleton or these black quilted boots from Hunter.

Hunter-Regent Savoy-Black Quilted Rubber Rain Boot: $175.00

Now that you’ve got your coat and your boots, you just need an umbrella. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of women walking around with the clear umbrellas like this Bubble Umbrella from Target.

Target Bubble Umbrella: $16.99

It’s $16.99 and since it’s see through, you don’t have to worry about it matching the rest of your rain gear!

Silhouette Image: Moi Cody

Watch Out Puddles: 7 Pairs of Jumpin’ Rain Boots

Spring has officially arrived! I always get so excited for the start of spring as it is my favorite season. I love seeing smiling people out and about enjoying the above freezing temperatures. One aspect of spring I seem to continually block out of my memory though is the constant rain. They say April showers bring May flowers, and I do love flowers, but the rain isn’t always fun to walk around in.

I live in my rain boots during the rainy seasons. They keep my feet warm and dry. What more could you ask for? Some people think rain boots are ugly, but I have scoured the stores and found a handful of rain boots I think you will enjoy; there is something for everyone.

1.  Steve Madden Tsunami Boots, $79.00

With a decorative ankle strap buckle combined with a contrast color stripe surrounding the zippers, these are far from your typical rain boot. You won’t have to worry about matching your rain boots with your outfit, as these look like casual everyday boots.  They are available in either black, navy, olive or red.


2.  Hunter Original Tall Boot, $125.00

Lately, everywhere I look I see Hunters. Word has it that they are very durable and comfortable. There are so many cute colors to choose from so whatever your color preference is, they probably have it.


3.  Hunter Turks, $95.00

For those that don’t love rain boots, but want a cute waterproof flat, these are the way to go. There are six color choices.


4.  ZouBaby Women’s Customize Boots, $89.00

You will never have to worry about wearing the same boots as someone else, with these boots. ZouBaby embroiders your own personal monogram on your boot. The boots are black, but you can pick from a variety of colors for your monogram thread color.


5.  Coach Pixy Rain Boot, $108.00

For those that absolutely love Coach, they make four fun multi-color pattern rain boots that will match just about any outfit you put on.


6.  Target’s Merona, Zaney Polka Dot Rain Boots, $24.99

Target has a wide variety of rain boots; from fun and funky to plain solid color boots.  This is just one of their many choices. All the rain boots range from about $17.99- $32.99 making them totally affordable.


7.  Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Sadie, $80.00

I came across these on TheShoeMart.com. For those that just need to wear some sort of heel, here is your solution. They have taken the standard rain boot and added a little wedge heel.  The shoelace bow in front is also a nice added detail. These are available in yellow pink or navy.

What is your favorite brand of rain boots? Which brand do you swear by? We’d love to hear!

High Fashion, Low Maintenance: Rain Boots

Our style mantra: Fashion and beauty are for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule or how small your budget may be. We represent the fashionista who has places to go, people to see, or just likes to sleep in a few extra hours. There’s no reason to run to class in sweats and unblushed cheeks when glamour can be achieved with just a little extra effort. Check here as Chelsea unveils quick tricks and perfect products that can update your look in a hot second, without breaking your budget.

Rain boots get a bad rap.  They can be uncomfortable and unattractive, but they are undoubtedly the most practical footwear in inclement weather.  To look hotter when it is cold and rainy, all it takes is a keen shopping eye.  The cute boots are out there and the Internet is chock-full of them!  Check out these wellies that are so cute they will make you wish for rain (almost).

These Aigle Equibelle boots, available at J.Crew, combine a classic chocolate brown with a bright and daring orange for a stylish design:

aigle wellies j.crew

Sperry Top-Sider is known for its on-deck footwear, but its wellies will keep you dry and classy off the boat and in the rain.  With a quilted leg and buckled ankle, these are the classic riding version of the rain boot:

sperry hingham rain boot

Leave it to Tommy Hilfiger to design the preppiest rain boot out there.  His Canaan Rain Boot is available in two plaid prints:

tommy hilfiger

For those of you who just cannot stand a full rubber boot, you are in luck.  L.L. Bean’s Costal Rain Skimmers are rain flats fit with a patent-leather seam to keep feet dry.  They are also available in four classic colors.

l.l. bean rain boots

Foot Fetish Friday: Are Western Cowboy Rain Boots a Schwing! Or a Miss?

Many folks try to make rainy days a little brighter by donning ravishing rain boots and unbelievable umbrellas. But what if those rain boots looked nothing like traditional wellies, and took on a decidedly Western feel instead? Would you cowboy up and channel John Wayne in the rain, or should all cowboy rain boots head back to the ranch?

western rainboots[poll id=”112″]

Photo Credit: Nomad via DSW