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Beautiful Boston: Sassoon Boston’s New Creative Director and Athletica Collection, and a Hair Makeover

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Cole Thompson, the new Creative Director of Sassoon Salon Boston, to discuss their latest collection – Athletica. Cole walked me through the thought process of the newest collection from start to finish, which was so fascinating. I guess I have never sat down to consider how hair collections come to be, but there was way more thought and planning than I expected.

The 2012 Olympics, the “sport” trend that Sassoon had noticed gracing the runways of Celine, Hermès, Yamamoto for Adidas and Alexander Wang and female athletes from the ‘20s to today inspired the Athletica collection. The shape of the Olympic rings helped to create some of the cuts, while the gold, silver and bronze medals in addition to the flames of the Olympic torch inspired the collection’s colors.

I was lucky enough to have an appointment recently with Cole for a cut. I debated keeping my hair long or cutting it short for about a week before the appointment. I ultimately decided to take the short hair plunge. I hope you all think it looks as fabulous as I think it does. I miss my long hair whenver I go to braid it out of instinct, but I’m loving this shorter cut. Plus, it’s nice to have NO SPLIT ENDS!

Now that you see what fabulous work Cole creates, I’ll let the Sassoon website do a bit of talking about his expertise:

“Cole always wanted to work for Sassoon based on the company’s history, philosophy and inspiring collections. Cole began his career at Sassoon in 2005 when he joined a course at the Manchester Salon and has since shown exemplary commitment and creativity. As a result of his passion, talent and dedication, Cole was promoted to Creative Director in Sassoon Salon, Liverpool. After 6 and half years in the UK, Cole moves to Sassoon Salon Boston to take on his exciting role as Creative Director. Taking inspiration from high end fashion magazines, the Sassoon team and even architecture, Cole creates beautiful yet suitable looks for all of his clients.”

Boston beauties – I highly recommend you head on over to 399 Boylston Street to book a cut and/or color with Cole or one of the other talented Sassoon stylists. Their rates are surprisingly affordable for such a renowned salon. Not in Boston? Check to see if there is a Sassoon near you – I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Have any of you had the pleasure of getting a cut and/or color at Sassoon before?

Photos: Kristin Bassett/BeautyXpose; Disclosure

New Year, New Hair: Cut, Color and Style

Whether you’re planning on staying home with friends to watch the ball drop or are going out to a packed VIP lounge, why not get a jump start on your New Year’s resolution to reinvent your style with a new hairdo? To help teach us about the hottest hair looks, we consulted two of the hair world’s leading experts — Dusan Grante, Assistant Creative Director for Sassoon Salon, and Nick Arrojo, award winning hairdresser and television personality, formerly on TLC’s “What Not to Wear.”

sassoon blastCut

If you really want to change things up, why not get a dramatic cut? Dusan suggests going shorter or adding a fringe to add flair to your current cut. For those who don’t want to lose their length, Dusan says a more scissor-shy solution is to to add some layers around the face — it’s a small change, but will have a huge impact. No matter what you choose to do, Dusan says to consulting with your stylist first.

“I recommend asking your stylist what type of look will best suit your face shape/hair texture and bring in inspiration from magazines or even hair collections,” he said. “The latest collection from Sassoon, Blast definitely has some gorgeous looks!”


Adding color is another way to spice up your whole look. Dusan says that for a subtle switch, you could go darker, warmer and richer but still stay in the same color palette by adding low-lights. But if you’re ready for a radical change (especially going four shades or more lighter) — don’t get disappointed if you can’t do it all at once.  You may need to undergo multiple processes over timeto change the color gradually, which is healthier for your hair.


For a stunning style, you don’t necessarily need to go all out with a fancy updo. Dusan says that to add some seasonal glam to your hair, consider a simple style contrast. For example, if you typically wear your hair curly, get it straightened for the holiday parties by popping into a salon for a blow dry and straight iron service. Then, ask your stylist to show you how to duplicate the look at home, so you can prolong the style and look your best.

Hair Stylist Nick Arrojo
Hair Stylist Nick Arrojo

But if you’re up for a more intricate ‘do that you plan to create yourself, Nick Arrojo says the best advice he can give is to practice. It may not seem like a novel idea, but this is one of the top reasons DYI special occasion hair goes awry. “Choose your desired look and give it at least one run through a few days prior, so there will be no last minute troubleshooting before the clock strikes 12,”said Nick. “Don’t try to force something that just isn’t working, more often than not a simple, elegant and refined style will do the trick.”

But if you don’t want to deal with a DIY ‘do, but you still want to save some cash, Nick recommends checking out your nearest reputable beauty school. Sure, the students may take a little longer than you’re used to, but they are a fraction of the price (styling and blow dries go from $15 -$20 at Nick’s own cosmetology school in NYC).

Dusan Grant, Assistant Creative Director for Sassoon Salon

Dusan Grant, Assistant Creative Director for Sassoon Salon

A Few of Dusan’s Favorite Things

Looking for more inspiration? Dusan shares a few of his favorite hair muses:

  • Kérastase Nutri-Thermique ($60), an  in-salon treatment at Sassoon Salon

Photos: Hair model and Dusan Grant – Sassoon Salon; Nick Arrojo – ARROJO Studio

Beautiful Boston: Sassoon Salon Gives us a ‘Do-over

While we’d like to think we’re fabulous all on our own, even beauty buffs like us need a professional revamp every once in a while.  So when the fine staff at Sassoon Salon Boston offered complimentary cuts and colors to showcase their talents, we jumped at the chance.  After all, what better way to illustrate that we could all use a little help from the pros in updating our styles.

Below, learn more about our experiences, and check out the results of the Sassoon Salon staff’s color and scissor wizardry. Stay tuned — we’ll  also feature a Q&A with the masterminds behind these creations — Sassoon Regional Color Director Richie Rivera and Sassoon Salon Boston Assistant Creative Director Edward Tedeschi.

Kristin’s Hair Do-over

I arrived at Sassoon sporting hair that hadn’t been cut in six months. It had lost basically all shape it ever had, and my split ends’ split ends had split ends, which also had split ends….so you get the picture. My hair hadn’t been touched with any high or low lights in a year, so my natural color showed through. While I like my god-given, golden locks, there is always room for improvement. Needless to say, I was overdue for a hair overhaul.

Kristin before

I expressed to both Edward and Richie my fear of short hair and of being anything other than blonde. I know…I am exceptionally exciting and adventuresome when it comes to my hair. After laying down the ground rules, I told them to take creative liberty. My hair could be as shaggy, layered and unique as Edward desired and have as many tones as Richie craved as long as I still had below-the-shoulder, “blonde-ish” locks.

After a cut by Edward Tedeschi

The results? An edgy cut complete with a million beautiful layers (I no longer have the appearance of a shrub on my head), an expertly cleaned up side-swept bang and a “natural” glowing blonde sheen. I couldn’t be happier with either the cut or the color, and I couldn’t be happier with the number of compliments I have received over the past two weeks.  My hair feels five pounds lighter, and the layers are so skillfully cut and placed that my hair works both blown out and straightened or air dried and curly when I am running late. My color is a lot brighter and full of life and lusciousness thanks to Richard and his masterful coloring. Needless to say, Edward and Richie gave me my favorite cut and color of all time.

Kristin after color by Richie Rivera

Anne’s Hair Do-over

From the moment I walked in the door, it was obvious how attentive the entire Sassoon staff is to all its customers. In fact, it’s evident that getting a Sassoon cut or color is more than just the process itself — it’s about the entire experience. Thirsty? They’ll bring you water. Tired? How about a complimentary cappuccino? Worried that your makeover will make you look awful? Relax; the stylists ask scads of questions to help discover which look will suit your personality and fit with your everyday life.When faced with the prospect of getting a makeover at Sassoon Salon in Boston, I was excited, but admittedly wary.  Not that I was afraid of change, per se, as I absolutely love switching up my ‘do — it was just that my hair was finally at a length that I’d been growing out for quite some time, and I had dyed my hair to get rid of my highlights fairly recently.  Perhaps my biggest fear was that I’d end up with an incredibly funky ‘do that looks amazing when styled by the pros, but would end up looking like I stuck my finger in a socket when I styled it myself.  However, after the masterminds at Sassoon Salon Boston worked their magic, I now know that glorious things can happen when I just let go and trust these pros who know exactly what they’re doing.

Anne before

In my case, that look was a rich-hued bob of sorts with an A-line cut (meaning it’s shorter in the back sloping to a longer look in the front).  Edward explained that while he thought my current cut looked nice, this sleek ‘do would have the added bonus of creating the illusion of an elongated neck — and it absolutely does.  Richie added depth to my ‘do by adding rich, caramel and warm, auburn highlights, which, as he explained, really brought out my green/hazel eyes. He also touched up my roots, which were just beginning to peek out.  The results are absolutely stunning, especially in sunlight (these pictures just don’t do them justice!).

Anne after Sassoon cut and color

Side view after Sassoon cut and color

While the color enhancements were much more subtle than the six-inches lopped off from the back, when combined, the look is a complete transformation.  Judge for yourself!

What is the biggest hair transformation you’ve ever undergone?

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclosure