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Mastey- Say Yes to Eco-Friendly Hair Care

As a beauty blogger, I have been dying to try using more eco-friendly products on my face, skin, and hair. Let’s be honest- I am not getting any younger, and I will try anything that doesn’t have harsh chemicals or additives that will aid in the aging process! Mastey has a whole line of eco-friendly hair care products, and I had the chance to try out their Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner.


I have fast growing hair, and before I know it, it reaches halfway down my back. Having a good shampoo and conditioner is very important to me. Mastey’s hair products are 100% vegan, rich in antioxidants, and are formulated with argan oil and olive oil. Best of all, they contain no ammonia, sodium chloride, parabens, synthetic dyes, and no PPD (more information on the negative effects of PPD is here).

I LOVED the pearlescent shine the shampoo had when I squeezed it into my hand.

Behold the shimmery beauty:

mastey mastey

Although the shampoo was nice, I really fell in love with the conditioner. You know when you go to the salon, and they use shampoos and conditioners that smell way better than anything you can ever buy in the store, and you’re like “what is this heavenly scent and why can’t I find it anywhere?” That is Mastey’s Color Protecting Conditioner. True story.

Interested in giving your over treated locks a break? Head over to www.mastey.com, and check out their whole line of haircare products. I will definitely be passing this on to my health conscious vegan friends!

Have you tried Mastey shampoo and conditioner before?

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclosure

Hair Care Review: Molton Brown

In her Molton Brown review, Gabi reveals her latest hair care obsession. Products sent for review, but opinions are all Gabi’s own.

I’m totally OCD when it comes to my hair care.  I switch it up all the time, which I “know” might not be the best for my hair.  But, I get tired of my shampoos and conditioners even quicker than I’m able to actually finish the bottles.  I go from volumizing shampoos to color preserving shampoos, and really everything in between.

1.I’m a sucker for simple, sophisticated packaging, so I was more than excited when I opened up that box and saw these two bottles inside.
1. I’m a sucker for simple, sophisticated packaging, so I was more than excited when I opened up that box and saw these two bottles inside.

This month, I’m obsessing over Molton Brown.  The folks over at MB were kind enough to let me test out their Kumudu Volumising Haircare Set and I couldn’t have been more pleased.  The set smells so clean and refreshing thanks to its soft blend of grapefruit, magnolia, and cedar.  Mesmerizing, right?

I know it takes time to really feel a difference after switching hair care products, but for what it’s worth, my hair is seriously soft and still manages to be voluminous when I want it to.

What is your favorite volumizing secret?

Sebastian Professional Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Review: Sebastian Professional

I feel like I have seriously temperamental hair.  It grows too fast, it’s too thick, it gets oily entirely too easily, and most products just make it worse – other than that, it’s perfect!  Lucky for me I had the chance to try out new shampoo and conditioner from the Sebastian Professional’s Salon to Home Shine Line.  Shine, you ask yourself?  I, too, thought that all shine products would make my hair much more oily (the last thing I want).  But, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the shine shampoo and conditioners.

Sebastian Professional Shampoo and Conditioner
The shine shampoo and conditioner retail at $12.95 and $13.95, respectively. It’s great quality without that high-end price tag.

To be honest, my hair feels soft and isn’t dry or oily – the perfect combo.  I would totally recommend giving these products a try if you have the same oily hair problem that I do.  Plus you only need a small amount for these to work, I find I’m using much less than when I purchase the “cheaper” or generic products.

What products do you use to moisturize your hair without unwanted oily effects?

Photos: Gabi Valladares/BeautyXpose; Disclosure

Get Naturally Lucious Locks with Abbey St. Clare

I’ve been revamping my lifestyle a bit late. I’ve switched to as much certified-organic food as possible, have increased my fitness routine and now, apparently, made my hair-care routine a bit more natural.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been washing my hair with Abbey St. Clare’s Chamomile Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner for light hair.

According to the brand:

The Abbey St. Clare line of skin, hair, and makeup products combine cutting-edge cosmetic science with nature-based healing.  We want our customers to become the best they can be, while avoiding chemicals, and minimizing investments of treasure or time.

Chamomile Shampoo for Light Hair:

  • Chamomile and calendula brighten all light colored hair.
  • Adds soft natural highlights to blonde, light brown, or grey hair.
  • Incredible natural fragrance is calming and soothing.
  • Natural oils, protein, and vitamins strengthen hair and provide natural repair of split ends.
  • No sulfates. No parabens.

Chamomile Leave-In Conditioner for Light Hair:

  • Chamomile hydrosol and essential oil based formula intensifies highlighting.
  • Vitamin B protects hair from breakage and eliminates static and split ends.
  • Natural oils and proteins add moisture to dry locks.
  • Organic extracts strengthen hair and add body and fullness.
  • Incredible fragrance of chamomile is calming to the spirit.
Chamomile Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner for Light Hair

I can’t say that either product helped to lighten my hair, as I’ve noticed no difference, but I have noticed a difference in another way. Both products consistently leave my hair silky smooth and perfectly manageable. Plus, the fragrance is crisp, clean and just divine.

For the first several days, I used the conditioner as a standard conditioner. I applied it and rinsed it out during my shower. It didn’t leave my hair feeling as smooth as other conditioners in the shower, but I definitely saw the results after blow drying my hair. However, inspiration struck me one evening in the shower, and I decided to use the product as a leave-in conditioner as suggested. I was skeptical that a product could work well both ways, but was instantly proven wrong. The product worked just as well, if not better, as a leave-in conditioner.

Both the shampoo and leave-in conditioner (8 fl oz each) retails at $18 and can be purchased at the Abbey St. Clare online store.

Photos: Kristin Bassett/BeautyXpose; Disclosure

Review: Pantene Restore Beautiful Hair Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s no secret I’ve always envied those lucky girls who were born with smooth, shiny hair. And while I may not have been as blessed as my sister who could simply air dry her way to a photo shoot if need be, I have always been able to fake it with the right amount of product, blow-drying and styling. But now, I don’t have to.

I recently discovered Pantene Pro-V’s Restore Beautiful Lengths Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner, and it seems my hair turned into my sister’s overnight.

Restore Beautiful Lengths Frizz Control Shampoo

The idea behind the Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths line is to help you get long, smooth hair by protecting it with every wash and rinse. Since longer hair is inherently exposed to more wash and rinses (because it’s been on your head longer!), Pantene has created its Restore Beautiful Lengths line into three formulations:  Breakage Defense, Shine Enhance and Frizz Control.

Restore Beautiful Lengths Frizz Control Conditioner

The Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner are very rich and creamy, so you know it’s great for dry, frizzy hair. But what’s somewhat unexpected is that the color — both bottles contain a pretty pearlized periwinkle product (even though the bottles are lavender). Once you lather up and rinse, you’re left with soft, silky hair that slips through your fingers. Even my husband has noticed a difference, and he’s commented how soft my hair felt on numerous occasions since I started using the products about a month ago.

If you don’t absolutely love your results like I did, the best part of the whole thing is Pantene’s Smart Beauty Guarantee (and Pantene doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to begin with). Simply let Pantene know you aren’t happy, and they’ll give you a refund of 2x the purchase price. Now that’s beautiful!

Photos: Pantene Pro-V

John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Go Blonder(ish) Shampoo, Conditioner and Controlled Lightening Spray

I tried to think of some witty blonde jokes, but I failed, so let’s just cut to the point. The folks over at John Frieda sent me their line of Sheer Blonde Go Blonder products. Over the span of two weeks, I tested out their Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner and Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray.

Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray

The results were, well, non existent. I was contemplating a before and after, but that would require a change in the color of my hair. Moral of the story, if you’re looking to go blonder, this isn’t the route to take. I’d tell you to just fork over the money and get your hair personally colored or buy a box of color from the drugstore and take matters into your own hands.

However, I did like the shampoo and conditioner. It had a light, citrus scent and left my hair feeling clean, soft and manageable. It still didn’t make my bolnde any blonder, but it didn’t make me any darker either, so I guess that’s a win.

To purchase John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening products, visit drugstores.com or check your local drugstore.

Have any of you tried these products before? What did you think?

Disclaimer: Products were furnished complimentary for review purposes.

Fab Finds: 4 Frizz-Fighting Shampoos

It’s been raining non-stop today at the BX headquarters (aka my house), and with only more April showers to look forward to, it seems only fitting to dedicate this week’s Fab Finds to fighting hair’s biggest “f word.” The best solution? Fighting frizz at the root of the problem (literally), with a fantastic shampoo. Here are four favorites.

1. Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Silkening Shampoo Buy.com: $3.49

A rich and creamy formula leaves strands silky after rinsing

2. Goldwell Dual Senses Color Shampoo Drugstore.com: $13

Even though this says it's for color-treated hair, it's great for fighting frizz


3. ARROJO Studio Gentle Shampoo ARROJO Studio: $15

A sulfate-free formula preserves natural oils that protects against frizz.

4. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo Target: $28.49

Another "color-treated" sulfate-free shampoo...sensing a theme here

Ask BX: How do I use Olive Oil as a Leave-in Hair Treatment?

olive oilDear BX:

I’ve been hearing about olive oil treatments for your hair.  I get that you just rub it in, but how long do I let it sit?  If it is five minutes, then I can just hang out with a towel on my shoulders, but if it is longer then I may need to figure out how to wrap my head in shrink wrap or figure out an alternative to a shower cap (I hate vinyl!).  Any thoughts on how long to leave the olive oil in would be most appreciated!


Ah, olive oil: one of my favorite food additives in the world. In fact, my dad always says we bleed and sweat olive oil because of our Italian heritage, which is a disgusting thought…but I digress.

As you’ve heard, this viscous elixir nourishes your hair just as well as it nourishes your stomach! And as with many hair conditioning treatments, the longer you leave it in, the more benefits you’ll reap. Five minutes will give your ‘do a nice moisture boost, but if you really want silky strands, try leaving it in for a full 30 minutes. But as you’ve mentioned, oiling up your hair can be a messy situation — especially if you’re not up for putting on a shower cap, which is the best mess-free method I’ve found yet.

olive oil del papaSo how do you go about oiling up? Apply a generous serving (a tablespoon or two) to towel-dried hair, so that it’s not too wet. If you’d like, you can heat up the oil in the microwave for a few seconds so that it’s warm — but not too hot — which will feel really great on your scalp. Of course, make sure you have an old towel around your shoulders that you don’t mind ruining (it’s better than ruining your clothes!). Then, gently massage the oil into you hair from the roots to your ends. (Hint: For a luxurious salon-worthy scalp massage, enlist the help of a friend, and sit back and relax!)

After the oil is all the way through your hair, you can slap on a shower cap (the easy way), or you can get your friend to help you wrap your head with copious amounts of saran wrap. However, if neither method floats your boat, as an alternative, you can always just pile your hair on the top of your head and leave it in the open while you’re waiting for it to do it’s work.

saran wrapThe shower cap and saran wrap would amplify the effects because it would be trapping in the heat of your head, creating a natural “hot oil” treatment. However, you can also warm your head up by using your hair dryer for no more than a minute minute on the low, warm (not hot) setting.

Once you’ve decided you are ready to wash out the oil, be prepared — it’s going to feel like a greasy mess, and you’re probably going to want to make sure the shampoo you use is NOT sulfate-free, since you really want to remove all of the oil. A good volumizing or clarifying shampoo should do the trick. Then, condition as normal, and you’re good to go.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

Photos: Pouring oil –  Pawel Kryj; Oil bottles – Del Papa; Plastic wrap – Saran

Trader Joe’s: Not Just For Food

trader joes coverMany of you natural beauties have probably perused the aisles of your local Trader Joe’s grocery stores for produce and healthful goodies, but how many of you have delved into experimenting with their personal care products?

Several years ago, my mother introduced me to Trader Joe’s citrus shampoo and conditioner. We were sick of all the drugstore brands, and my mother had recently discovered this great new grocery store. Since the day she brought home the shampoo and conditioner, my mother and I have been loyal customers of this brand.

The shampoo is super sudsy, and both products smell of sweet citrus fruits – although not as sweet as the Sonoma First Crush products. Because the shampoo is clear and the conditioner is lightweight, there is no heavy and greasy buildup after my shower.

And hey – these products are a steal at under $3 in Trader Joe’s stores, so feel free to try them without feeling guilty about putting a dent in your wallet.

Photo: Trader Joe’s

Natural Beauty: Suds Up With Sonoma Soap Company

sonoma 010Sonoma Soap Company has launched a new line of all-natural skincare products that are composed of 100 percent vegetarian, certified organic ingredients. They’ve left out all those things natural beauties try to avoid such as phthalates and parabens – in fact, many of the products, including the shampoo and shower gel, include instructions to shake the bottle before use because the natural ingredients will settle while the product sits on the shelf.

Shower Products

The shampoo is sudsy, and the conditioner is creamy. Used together, they leave my hair soft and shiny. Both the shampoo and conditioner, from the First Crush scent family, have a great fruity smell, but it’s the shower gel, from the Citrus Medley scent family, that leaves my olfactory senses unsatisfied. The shampoo smells like a fruity Jamba Juice – delicious! –  while the shower gel smells more like an orange you’ve had in your fridge for a few days.


Foaming Hand Soap

The foaming hand soap from this line lathers up really well, and I would recommend it highly, but the one I received was also in the Citrus Medley scent group. For anyone who’s looking into purchasing these products, buy from the First Crush collection!


Lotion and Bubble Bath

Perhaps my least favorite scent collection was Lavender Reserve. While the lotion was very creamy and hydrating, didn’t smell like lavender to me. It had a very strong scent, almost like licorice. Not my favorite. The bubble bath wasn’t as offensive to my senses, but it certainly wasn’t great.

I will be purchasing more products from Sonoma Soap Company, but as I emphasized above, all my purchases will be from the First Crush collection. The scent is simply unbeatable!


Sonoma Soap Company products cost between $8.95 and $9.95 and are available online and at a variety of health food stores throughout the country. They also sell liquid hand soap, bar soap and shave cream in addition to the products I’ve reviewed.

Photos: Pamela King/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review