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Get the Look: Everyday Smokey Eyes

Last week, I demonstrated how to get dramatic smokey eyes that are very geometric, featuring hard angles and lines. Although gorgeous, the look isn’t exactly user-friendly for everyone. One of my coworkers said that if she tried to do it herself, she’d end up looking like this:

So this week, I decided to showcase how to create everyday smokey eyes. The trick is to use muted, neutral hues with only slight shimmer (or you can use just mattes) and blend along the natural contours of your eye.

how to get everyday smokey eyes
Everyday smokey eyes using the new Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra in Seduction
everyday smokey eyes with Chanel seduction
Start with the darkest color on the lid, and layer the lighter colors up to your brow bone.
everyday smokey eyes with chanel seduction
Rim your entire lid with the brown/gray shadow, and smudge out.

To get this look, I used CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in “Seduction”, which I picked up last month when shopping with my blogger buddy Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews.

These colors are a beautiful range of muted neutrals
These colors are a beautiful range of muted neutrals

For mascara, I used my Maybelline The Colossal Volum’Express Waterproof in Glam Black. (Spoiler alert: I will pretty much always be using this mascara, since it’s the only one I’ve found that keeps my lashes curled, thick and clump-free — the eyelash trifecta, if you will.)

everyday smokey eyes chanel eyeshadow in seduction
Perfect smokey eyes to wear everywhere, from the boardroom to the bar.

How to Get Everyday Smokey Eyes in 5 Steps:

1.  Apply the 2nd darkest color in your quad all over the entire lid and slightly into the eye crease (the muted lilac color on the Chanel Seduction quad).

2.  Layer the 2nd lightest color directly above the lid into the eye crease, and blend (the peach-based nude shade).

3.  Apply the lightest color directly above the crease and work up until it reaches the brow (the cream shade).

4.  Using a pointed sponge eyeshadow applicator or a pointed brush, line the entire eye with the darkest shade (the brown/gray shadow, and smudge).

5.  Apply mascara.


Obligatory glamour shot of everyday smokey eye look.
Obligatory glamour shot of everyday smokey eye look using Chanel.

What do you think? Is this a look you’d be willing to try?

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Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé

Get the Look: Dramatic Smokey Eyes

In this tutorial, Anne shows how to get smokey eyes fit for a seductress!  Products were sent for review purposes, but opinions are all Anne’s own.

how to get smokey eyes, smoky eye tutorial

Whether you want to mimic Sophia Loren’s smoldering lids for a cocktail party or you are planning on dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween, dramatic smokey eyes are always in style.

I decided to cast my own smokey eye magic using products from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection for Fall 2013. Here’s how to get smokey eyes in just five steps.

Shadows and eyeliner from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection for fall 2013
Shadows and eyeliner from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection

What You’ll Need:

how to get smokey eyes smokey eyes tutorial

5 Steps to Get Smokey Eyes:

1.   Draw a thick line all the way around your eyelids using a kohl eye liner. Rim both the inner and outer lids, and don’t worry about perfection, because you will smudge it all later.

2.   At the outer corner of your eyelid, draw a slanted line at a 45 degree angle extending up toward the outer corner of your eyebrow with the liner (be sure to stop about half inch away from the brow). Then extend the line to follow your eye crease, creating an inverted “v” shape.

Create an inverted “v” using the kohl eye liner

3.  Using a blending eyeshadow brush, with the silver/black shadow, follow the kohl eyeliner and smudge along the whole line so there are no harsh edges. Then, apply the white eyeshadow directly under the eyebrow and blend down into the inverted “v” shape.

how to create a smoky eye; smoky eye tutorial
Blend, blend, blend, so there are no harsh edges!

4. Then mix the white and black shadow on your brush to create a light silver shade, and apply on the inner corner of your eyelid, working your way toward the outer corner until it blends in with the darker inverted “v” shape.

5.  Finish off by curling your lashes and applying a coat of mascara!

how to create smokey eyes tutorial
Voila! Model-worthy smokey eyes.


Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé