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Trend Alert: Studs

For some reason, my inner wannabe-a-cool-rocker-girl can sometimes be channeled into my clothing. I love embellishments that are classic, yet girly. That’s why I could not have been happier to see all the studded clothing and accessories that recently walked the runway and into some of my favorite stores.

Studded clothing is a trend I hope everyone tries! A studded jacket or heel is the perfect accessory to a going out outfit. Studded shorts or tops in the daytime can also give off a relaxed, but bold look. Studs even make their way over to jewelry in the form of leather bracelets. Pair this type of bracelet with the right arm party and you are officially in edgy-chic territory.

Beware fashionistas: Studs add that instant glam that will have heads turning the minute you enter a room. Only rock this trend if you really want people to notice you!

Check out some of my favorite studded items below and try out your own—if you dare!


Studded Denim Jacket– Zara- $99.90


Golden Hippie Studded Cutoff Shorts– Free People- $98


Jeffrey Campbell Studded Homg Sneaker– Karmaloop- $196.95


Total Stud Blouse– Nasty Gal- $48


Cara Accessories Sliced Leather Studded Bracelet– Nordstrom- $31.90


 Do you own anything studded in your wardrobe?


Simply Studding: A Guide to Studded Clothes and Accessories

I was never a fan of studs on clothing or accessories because they always seemed too harsh to me. I couldn’t imagine them as being appropriate for anything but a punk-rock concert. But now, I know better. Studs can be a great accent to a solid ensemble, adding a bit of shine and just the right amount of edge.

I have been going crazy for this new trend, so my wardrobe has expanded a bit lately. One of my favorites is Lovely People’s Betty Bootie. This shoe is certainly not for work, but the silver studding makes it perfect for going out. This Studded Strappy Sandal from Zara is casual, cute and great for the rest of summer.

Zara Studded Strappy Sandal: $35.99

If you love purses check out the Karen Miller Stud Purse, which features gold-tone pyramid studs. It’s big enough to hold all of the essentials and the studs make it stand out.

Karen Miller Stud Purse: $112.05

Love the idea of studs and want them to be the center of your outfit? Wear them on your clothing instead of your accessories. This Leather Motorcycle Studded Jacket from Stella & Jamie is perfect for fall. It’s cool and casual with silver studding at the hips, hem, and sleeves. Don’t think studs can be feminine? Try this Studded One Shoulder Jersey Dress. The studs add some fun detail to its pretty shape.

Shelli Segal Studded One Shoulder Jersey Dress: $225.00

From bags, to clothes, to shoes, studs can be seen everywhere lately. With all of these great studded pieces, it can be easy to overdo it. Make sure not to combine too many studded pieces into one outfit because it will look overwhelming. If you’re wearing a solid colored dress, choose a studded heel or a studded bag to complement it. If your shirt is already studded, skip a lot of studded accessories to avoid overkill.

I now know that studding is pretty versatile. It can be pretty or funky and gold or silver. However it is, I love it!

Are you crazy about studding? Or do you think it’s crazy to wear this look?