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7 Tips for Perfect Summer Hair

In case you missed the memo, Summer is in full swing. Here in Boston, the temps have been soaring and the humidity has been wreaking havoc on our hairstyles. Top knots are a girl’s best friend this time of year.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a hair style other than “fizz ball” this time of year? Yes, yes it would. That’s why I’m teaming up with Joanne Starkman, co-owner of Innersense Beauty, to bring you seven heat-beating hair tips for the rest of the summer. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Care for Your Hair Before the Pool: We all love a dip in the pool, but dry hair is a drag. “The #1 hair complaint I hear is dryness; chlorine is a cause. Before plunging in, make sure your hair is saturated with water,” urges Starkman. She loves to smooth Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner over wet hair before diving in. Once you’re finished swimming, rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo. Starkman shampoos with Color Awakening Hairbath, “Containing sunflower seed extract, the Hairbath adds natural color protection so hair color stays fresh longer.”
  2. Give Your Hair a Break: Consider taking a break from the blow dryer and curling or flat irons. As an alternative, set hair with rollers or braid when damp to beat the heat and help create “beachy” waves.
  3. Embrace Oils: Even with hats and umbrellas, your hair will see a lot of sun. “Additional moisture and protection is vital to the health of your hair in the summer. I love Tamanu Oil for its rich nourishing benefits,” adds Starkman. Tamanu Oil is used inHarmonic Healing Oil, which is a moisturizer and sun protectant. Simply emulsify a few drops in hands and smooth over hair.
  4. Pack a Wide-Tooth Comb: “Brushing wet hair promotes split ends. Instead, the best way to detangle hair is to start at the ends and work toward the scalp using a wide-tooth comb,” explains Starkman. For extra slip and hydration, spray on Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner before using the wide-tooth comb.
  5. Dress up Your Tresses: Break out bright-colored scarves and large floppy hats!  Consider a loose ponytail or a side braid for a new look that beats the heat. Decorative bobby pins and fabric hair ties add a fun touch.
  6. Go Short: Is there a short cut you have always wanted to try? Why not change it up? Summer is a great time to test a chic style or get a few highlights.
  7. Eat Summer Fresh: Diet plays a part in hair health, so shop at farmers markets and take advantage of in-season produce. Starkman suggests, “Avocados and nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that add extra moisture and hydration in the body and hair. And, watch your intake of excessive sugars. They can contribute to the overgrowth of yeast, which may lead to dandruff and dry scalp.”

What are your go-to tricks for mastering the perfect summer hairstyle?

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclosure

About Joanne Starkman – Starkman is the co-founder of Innersense™ Organic Beauty, which is a leader in the green beauty industry. Carried at more than 4,000 salons & spas and at www.InnersenseBeauty.com, Innersense products are free of toxins, silicones, resins, phthalates & parabens.

About Innersense™ Organic Beauty – More than ten years ago, Greg and Joanne Starkman were struck with a realization that their professional paths were not in alignment with their values. They turned inward and a new journey began with Innersense. Handcrafted using Certified Organic and Bio Dynamic plant extracts, Innersense products are free of toxins, silicones, resins, phthalates and parabens. Innersense is a Certified Green Business. The products are available at more than 4,000 salons and spas and on www.innersensebeauty.com.

Summer hair

4 Must-have Products for Perfect Summer Hair

When it comes to styling my hair during summer’s intense humidity, I ultimately used to wing it.  If my hair looked a little crazy, I would just let it be.  But, this summer I (think) I finally figured out a hair routine.  With just a few extra inexpensive products, I was able to maintain my straight hair. Score!

I know some people have hair that doesn’t react to humidity, but mine sure does.  It frizzes, curls, waves, and expands to about 3x its natural size.  To be frank, I look completely ridiculous in anything over 70% humidity.

So, to help you all combat this same problem, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips and suggestions on fighting the war on humidity. Because we all want perfect summer hair.

Summer hair
The humidity won’t keep us (or our hair) down.
  1. Spray on a little of Amika’s Blow Up Spray to keep your hair healthy and shiny (the good shiny, not the oily shiny).  It gives your hair a little boost and even protects your locks from the damaging heat from blow drying.
  2. The Mighty Mini Ceramic Straightener is one of my favorites.  At first I thought it looked a little ridiculous carrying around a tiny straightener, but it’s actually pretty brilliant.  I use it when I’m traveling to keep my hair under control, and I even leave it at work in case I need a quick touchup when I get there in the morning.
  3. John Frieda’s Secret Weapon Finishing Creme is a super easy way to fight the frizz.  Apply a little before and after styling and you’re set!
  4. Last, but seriously not least – Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Texture and Volume Spray.  Use this spray after styling or on second day hair for volume, texture, and hold.

What are your favorite tips for combating humidity?

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclosure