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The Trials and Tribulations of Self-Tanning

This is a sponsored post and conversation written by me on behalf of Jergens Skincare®. The opinions and text are all mine.

When self-tanners first came on the mass-market scene, I was beyond psyched and couldn’t wait to get a tan during the winter without having to beg my mother to let me use a tanning bed (which never worked).

Who would have thought you'd need to wear these to apply self-tanner?
Who would have thought you’d need to wear these to apply self-tanner?

I remember my pre-teen, New-Kids-On-The-Block-loving self was riddled with excitement at the prospect of looking just like I’d had a whirlwind vacation to Florida while my pale, pasty classmates stared on with envy. I would waltz into class wearing a skirt to display my tanned legs (who cares if there was three feet of snow on the ground?) and bask in the delight of the questions about where I went on vacation over the weekend.

I eagerly flipped open the self-tanner bottle, squirted the lotion all over my hands, and applied it to my legs, arms and face. Liberally. Without gloves.

Fast forward to a few hours later, and I looked like an orange leather stiletto that was smeared with shoe polish by a blind monkey.  And I probably smelled like one too.  Let’s just say that the next few days, I was far from flaunting a skirt, and my turtleneck collection was getting it’s day in the (orange) sun.

Self tanners have come a long way since those days in terms of color, but until very recently, most of them continue to have a strong, chemical odor that makes my husband crinkle his nose and refuse to get within two feet of me.

But it sounds like now we’ll have a great option for an odor-free, natural-looking bronze glow without breaking the bank:  the new line of Jergens® Natural Glow Moisturizer self-tanners.

Where were these babies when I was a pre-teen?

These new moisturizers are supposed to give you the great, natural looking glow you are used to, but they do not have that old self tanning odor!

The brand has sent me some complimentary products to test out and review for you all over the next few months, so stay tuned so you can see my progress and find out how they work.

NEW Jergens® Natural Glow Moisturizer provides the same great, natural-looking color but without the sunless tanner odor!

Share your embarrassing tanning story in the comment box below for your chance to win a $250 Visa gift card.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jergens Skincare®. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules.


Photos: Gloves – Antonio Jiménez Alonso; Bottles – Anne Houseman/beautyxposé

Beauty and the Bride: Fun in the Sun, and the Lines to Prove it

Similar to the tale of the Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Bride (BATB) will examine a relationship fraught with mistrust, deception, fear, and hopefully, a happy ending.  BeautyXposé will follow BATB as she traverses the perilous landscape of wedding-day beauty leading up to her September nuptials.  Have a question for BATB?  A topic you’d like her to cover?  A conspiracy you’ve uncovered in the Wedding Industrial Complex (WIC) you’d like exposed?  Email her at: beautyandthebride@beautyxpose.com.

Eager for the hot summer sun!

Eager for the hot summer sun!

Here in New England, we’ve been getting some crazy weather (as usual).  Last week it was 45 degrees.  Today it was 92.  Seriously.  It was so warm this weekend, Anne and I jetted around town with the top down on her convertible.  In April.  In New England.

For those who don’t live here, or are more accustomed to climates that are temperate or even consistent, please understand that we usually get three seasons: Really Cold, Muddy and Cold, and Wicked Hot and Humid.  That’s really it.  We’ll get three days of beautiful leaf-peeping weather in late September, but otherwise those three seasons are all we get.

Should BATB stick to the shade?

Should BATB stick to the shade?

Needless to say, we’ve all be running around in this beautiful weather, unsure of what to do with ourselves, revealing our winter-pale legs to the world for the first time since last August, and grinning from ear to ear.  Despite my hard-core seasonal allergies, I’ve been spending every possible moment enjoying this weather, especially because, since it’s New England, if I don’t watch carefully, it’ll change without me noticing.

Since it was 92 degrees today, a few of us made the earliest pilgrimage to the beach we ever have above the Mason-Dixon line.  It was GORGEOUS.  And as I lay on my beach towel, soaked in my SPF 30, I got to thinking about my newly-growing tan lines.

Oh no! What on EARTH was I going to do about those?

See – I’ve never ever worried about tan lines before.  In college, I was a swim teacher.  Outside.  For 40 hours a week, I baked.  There was nothing I could do about it.  No amount of sun screen would stop it, or for that matter stop the serious tan lines from my racer-back swimsuit.  It wasn’t the best look, but I just learned to embrace them and haven’t thought about them since.

Is she practicing "safe sun?"

Is she practicing “safe sun?”

Well, that’s just not going to do come September.  Without enough time for my tan lines to blend into my regular color between the end of summer and my nuptials, how am I going to deal with my strap lines?   I have four bathing suits in pretty consistent rotation over the summer, all with different cuts.  So not only will I have tan lines, I’ll have competing tan lines in different shades and degrees.

So what’s the best strategy for dealing with this?  Spray tanners?  Bronzing lotions?  Fake baking on top of my summer tan?  Or should I just put sheets around my deck so the neighbors can’t see in and take a few naps outside au natural?

Photo credit:  Cover image – Joanie Cahill;  Beach – Jacinto Correia; Umbrella – Craig Jewell; Legs (inside) – Gary Scott

Move Over Beyonce: There’s a New Fanny in Town

Beyonce has got nothing on us. And Kim Kardashian? No longer the reining queen of the bootylicious club. Because now us regular gals have the opportunity to plump our rumps with a popular spa treatment called the Fanny Facial.

The Fanny Facial was developed by Nicole Contos-Liakeas, owner of Smooth Synergy Spa, and has quickly grown into a spa must-have with its ability to not only soften and firm the back end, but also lift and tone to help fill out any outfit.fannyfacial_before_img1

The facial includes a three-step process of exfoliation, micro-current therapy, and finally an all over organic spray tan and is priced around $250 a pop. However, while the price may seem a little hefty during these economic times, the benefits are well worth the investment.

“I had a lot of clients who were complaining about cellulite and wanting to tighten their behinds,” said Contos-Liakeas. “So I came up with the idea of a fanny facial. It’s great way to help fight sagging and aging.”

A three-step process, the Fanny Facial begins with papaya mint body scrub with natural enzymes and vitamins A and D to help remove dead skin and give a baby smooth feel.fannyfacial_after_img1

Next comes the micro-current therapy. Through positive and negative vibrations, this step helps tighten the derriere muscles resulting in lifting and toning the backside (sans the Stairmaster).

Finally, the treatment ends with an all-over, all-natural spray tan. Made with salt bronzers and water, this organic tan develops over time and it darkens based on the individual’s natural skin potential. Think of it as an instant build-a-tan, without streaks or an orange tint.

However, the best thing about the Fanny Facial is the noticeable results. Don’t believe us? Ask Heather, 35, a Smooth Synergy client who loves the treatment. “I did see results after the Fanny Facial,” she says. “My butt looked firmer and more lifted than normal and I was really happy with the results.”

However, clients be warned that while Heather saw a difference on her backside she cautions others who try it not to expect to come out looking like J.Lo.

Because, let’s face it ladies, some girls just have all the genetic luck, as for the rest of us…we’ll rely on the Fanny Facial and sweating it out at the gym.

Fanny Facial Pre/Post Tips:

For best results, Contos-Liakeas recommends getting a Fanny Facial the day before a big event as the lifting and toning lasts up to three days and clients are advised to forgo a shower for the first six to eight hours as it will wash off or lighten the new organic glow.

Pre-Fanny Facial:

Before you go avoid wearing moisturizers – it’s better to go au natural. “Basically, just shower in the morning and we’ll take care of the rest,” says Contos-Liakeas.

Also, wear dark, lose fitting clothes to be comfortable as well as allow the tan to dry.

Post-Fanny Facial:

After the initial six to eight hour window, shower followed by intense moisturizing to help enhance and keep the tan. Don’t exfoliate or use anything that will remove the skin.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.