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Outfit Post: Dress or Skirt?

By the time you read this (Thursday, April 19th), this outfit will be old news, as I wore it yesterday (Wednesday, April 18th). I felt the need to clear that up because I didn’t want anyone to think I’m an overachiever who got up at the crack of dawn to prep for, shoot and edit an outfit post. Let’s be real, when this goes live, I’ll have only been awake for maybe half an hour.

Throughout the day, people questioned whether I was wearing a skirt or a dress. I’ll give you a second to cast your vote before I reveal the truth … it’s a dress! Hooray for everyone who guessed correctly. I’ve been tired of parts of my wardrobe recently, and instead of buying a whole new one (although I would love to, I can’t afford that — sad face), I’m trying to get creative with how I style pieces. My old dress is now a new questionable skirt. Success! It’s like a got a whole new skirt without having to buy anything … except for the fact that this is a recently-purchased shirt. Buuutttt, I could have done this same style with an older shirt, removing the need to shop. Following me?

Dress via TJMaxx (similar) | Shirt via TJMaxx (similar) | Shoes via TJMaxx (similar)

Necklace Forever21 (similar) | Belt J.Crew (similar)

How do you make old clothing items new again?

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclosure