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Product Review: Travalo Excel

Every morning before getting ready for work, I end my routine by spritzing myself with the current perfume I’m using three times—once on my neck, my wrists, and my hair (I learned a trick that the scent lasts longer when you let the scent float onto your hair).  However, by about 1 pm, if I’m lucky, the fragrance of my beloved perfume has completely vanished.

I’ve always contemplated ways to prevent this from happening. Bringing the entire bottle around is certainly not an option and buying a smaller version or roller ball can become expensive quickly. That’s why when I learned of the Travalo, I could have not been more intrigued to try it out!

So many color choices!

Travalo is a miniature bottle that allows you to tote around your favorite perfume with you at all times. The bottle has an easy and creative way of transferring the perfume from your regular bottle to the Travalo in just seconds! Travalo is even approved for your carry-on luggage, a time when I usually find myself having to part with my favorite perfumes for a trip.

I was nicely sent a sample of the latest version called the Travalo Excel, which holds 5 ml of fragrance, or approximately 50- 65 sprays. I tried transferring my current Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume to the bottle and was thrilled to succeed instantly in just a few steps.

Prepare the perfume of your choice and remove the cap.
Gently pull the nozzle off the top of the perfume bottle and place to the side.
Line the bottom of the Travalo up with the top of the perfume bottle. Pump the Travolo up and down several times (you will see the perfume level rise from the window on the side).


Ta-da! Your perfume is ready for travel.

I already love this product and appreciate its practicality immensely. The Travalo Excel is retailed at $19.99 and can be purchased at http://us.travalo.com/ .

Bon voyage with your Travalo!

Photos: Kristina Crowley/BeautyXpose; Disclosure

Arm Yourself for a Holiday Flight Frenzy!

With so much to think about during the holidays, it’s easy for us all to forget a few minor things here and there.  If you’re like me and have to travel during this crazy season, you know it doesn’t get any harder!  After checking off all my to-dos, I’m so tired I can barely pack for a day let alone a whole three weeks!  Yet for the sake of seeing my family, I shove a few outfits into my suitcase and finally breathe only when I’m settling into my window seat.

Flights can be weary on the body and face so I’ve come up with a few travel-pampering must-haves…

Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant/Sunscreen SPF 15 ($3)
The holidays are a time of love so that means you’ll be giving lots of hugs and kisses! Prep ahead of time with this nourishing mix that also includes vitamin collagens and coenzyme Q-10.


Sampar Skin Quenching Mist ($42)

Dry skin goes hand in hand with flights — no matter how long or short it is!  This light formula is so airy that it’s almost unbelievable just how moisturized your skin feels after a short burst.


Dream Time Aromatherapy Dreams Sleep Mask in Lavender Velvet ($25)

Zone out, take back those lost hours of slumber and let the relaxation take over with this soothing lavender-scented mask.


Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing Wipes ($3/15 ct.)

I literally carry these everywhere!  They’re perfect for taking off makeup, correcting mistakes, and just in case you need to freshen up a little.  Do your whole face and neck before you get off the plane for a pick-me-up.


So close your eyes — try to forget the crying baby or the terrible in-flight movie, and focus on resting up. Remember, when you land, it’s STILL the holiday season!

Disclaimer: Sampar product provided complimentary for review purposes