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High Fashion, Low Maintenance: Travel Light at 3floz.com

Our style mantra: Fashion and beauty are for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule or how small your budget may be. We represent the fashionista who has places to go, people to see, or just likes to sleep in a few extra hours. There’s no reason to run to class in sweats and unblushed cheeks when glamour can be achieved with just a little extra effort. Check here as Chelsea unveils quick tricks and perfect products that can update your look in a hot second, without breaking your budget.

3floz.comThe TSA compromised everyone’s travel beauty regimen with super-strict rules about carry-on liquids.  No one wants flat hair or dull skin on vacation, but transferring products from normal bottles to tiny containers can be a complete mess.

Two friends, who met working together, bonded over their travel woes and sought a way to solve their beauty travel issues.  The result is 3floz.com, which offers an enormous selection of TSA-friendly beauty products and toiletries.

The Curly Hair Kit at 3floz.com

The Curly Hair Kit at 3floz.com

With an array of categories like anti-aging, masks, hair care and even an expansive $10 and section under you can find any product you would ever need on holiday.  3floz.com also carries all great brands like Herban Essentials, Molton Brown and Ahava.

For some really easy one click shopping, check out the kits available.  You can find a complete set of hair and face products to cover all your needs during your trip.  The Curly Hair Kit is perfect for keeping your curls under control on the road and includes Alterna shampoo and conditioner, Blow Mane Tame Pomade and Jonathan Spray Dirt Hairspray, all fit for your flight!

You don’t need to be traveling to pick up some products from 3floz.com.  It is a great way to test products your curious about without having to splurge!

Photos: 3floz.com