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Get the Look: Dramatic Smokey Eyes

In this tutorial, Anne shows how to get smokey eyes fit for a seductress!  Products were sent for review purposes, but opinions are all Anne’s own.

how to get smokey eyes, smoky eye tutorial

Whether you want to mimic Sophia Loren’s smoldering lids for a cocktail party or you are planning on dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween, dramatic smokey eyes are always in style.

I decided to cast my own smokey eye magic using products from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection for Fall 2013. Here’s how to get smokey eyes in just five steps.

Shadows and eyeliner from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection for fall 2013
Shadows and eyeliner from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection

What You’ll Need:

how to get smokey eyes smokey eyes tutorial

5 Steps to Get Smokey Eyes:

1.   Draw a thick line all the way around your eyelids using a kohl eye liner. Rim both the inner and outer lids, and don’t worry about perfection, because you will smudge it all later.

2.   At the outer corner of your eyelid, draw a slanted line at a 45 degree angle extending up toward the outer corner of your eyebrow with the liner (be sure to stop about half inch away from the brow). Then extend the line to follow your eye crease, creating an inverted “v” shape.

Create an inverted “v” using the kohl eye liner

3.  Using a blending eyeshadow brush, with the silver/black shadow, follow the kohl eyeliner and smudge along the whole line so there are no harsh edges. Then, apply the white eyeshadow directly under the eyebrow and blend down into the inverted “v” shape.

how to create a smoky eye; smoky eye tutorial
Blend, blend, blend, so there are no harsh edges!

4. Then mix the white and black shadow on your brush to create a light silver shade, and apply on the inner corner of your eyelid, working your way toward the outer corner until it blends in with the darker inverted “v” shape.

5.  Finish off by curling your lashes and applying a coat of mascara!

how to create smokey eyes tutorial
Voila! Model-worthy smokey eyes.


Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé
Hair Tutorial

Hair Tutorial: Loose Curls for Medium-length Hair

You guys, I did something awkward (for the second time in two years). I posted a hair tutorial on YouTube. I felt so strongly about my loose curl hair style that I thought the world both deserved and needed to see it. Who do I think I am, a famous vlogger?

I didn’t include it in the video (I had to edit the video and get it up quick before I changed my mind), but here is a lovely selfie that was taken several hours after I filmed the video. Just wanted to prove that the look does last throughout the day … and a brisk walk to your local TJMaxx.

Hair Tutorial
If I don’t look at the camera, this selfie isn’t as lame as the rest, right?

One hair tutorial not enough for you? Check out my front french braid tutorial or comment below on what other hair looks you’d like to see.

What is your go-to hair style?

Photos: beautyXpose

St. Patrick’s Day Eye Shadow Tutorial

Learn how to look the part of a sassy Irish lass in this St. Patrick’s Day eye shadow tutorial.

Seeing green!
Seeing green!

After living in Boston for almost eight years, St. Patrick’s day has become the one day of the year that I brush my Italian heritage aside to go Irish (at least in spirit). Last year, I was pregnant with my daughter, Colette, so there was nary a Guinness to be found in this lass’s hands. But this year, I’m ready to put my Irish face back on and hit the pub while Colette visits her grandma.

I happen to have green eyes, and I tend not to wear really green eye shadow (more like brown-greens), but how can a girl forgo green eye shadow on St. Patrick’s Day? That’s right — she can’t. So without further adieu, here’s my St. Patrick’s day eye shadow tutorial.

Lime green and hunter green eye shadows are good luck!
Lime green and hunter green eye shadows are good luck!
I'm the annoying beauty blogger who used a lot of items that are no longer sold.
I’m the annoying beauty blogger who used a lot of items that you can’t buy anymore.


  • Eye shadow primer — I used bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
  • Light lime green shimmer eye shadow — I used a discontinued bareMinerals shadow in Mistletoe)
  • Lime green matte shadow — I used a discontinued Estee Lauder eyeshadow that is crumbling into dust but I love it so much I can’t part with it
  • Deep green sparkle eye shadow — I used a shadow from Revitage, an Italian brand (I purchased it on a trip to Rome)
  • Matte ecru eye shadow — I used the Undercover shade in the LORAC Unzipped palette
  • Black gel eye linerMAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is the best gel liner I’ve ever used
  • Pearl white pencil eye liner — I used an Ulta brand eye liner that I just bought last month but can’t seem to find online anymore
  • MascaraMaybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express in waterproof Glam Black has been my go-to for years
  • Brow powderWet ‘n’ Wild has an Ultimate Brow Kit for only around $4, and I love the middle shade for my dark brows
  • Brow gel — To keep my brows in place, I love Tweezerman Brow Mousse


  • Slanted eye shadow brush (for “cut crease” look)
  • Medium rounded eye shadow brush (for blending)
  • Eye liner brush (for gel eye liner)
  • Eyelash curler — Japonesque Ergo-grip is a must-have for any cosmetics kit


Get the Look in 10 Steps:

  1. Apply primer all over your eyelids up to your brow bone.
  2. Using the medium rounded eye shadow brush, sweep the lime green shimmer shadow all over your lids up into your crease.
  3. Then, gently pat on the lime green matte shadow over the outer half of the eyelid.
  4. Apply the ecru eye shadow to the brow bone area.
  5. Take your slanted eye shadow brush and dip into water. Then swipe it on the dark green sparkle eye shadow to get a more pigmented, “foiled” look.
  6. With the dark green shadow on the damp slanted eye shadow brush, draw a line following your entire crease. Get more shadow on the brush and begin blending it up from the hard line you created, using short, vertical strokes. You can blend more with the rounded eye shadow brush (just keep that hard “cut crease” line and blend upward).
  7. Using your eye liner brush, apply the gel liner along the length of the lid, finishing with an upward flick for a cat eye look. Rim the inner bottom water-line as well.
  8. Make your eyes pop by applying the pearl pencil eye liner on the inner corners of your eyelids, and continue the line half way across the lower lashes.
  9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  10. Frame your face by filling in brows with powder, and set them with gel.
Definitely not a look you can do when you're in a rush, but it's fun for special occasions!
Definitely not a look you can do when you’re in a rush, but it’s fun for special occasions!

This is definitely a more advanced look to create because there are so many products, tools and steps, but it’s fun for special occasions. Though my daughter does not seem amused.

Someone's been hitting the bottle.
Someone’s been hitting the bottle, but it wasn’t me.
Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé