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The hottest fashion trends from the USA hitting the UK high street

From Brocade to Bangles, African prints to Paisley and, ahem, Pajamas, the latest fashion trends to be winging their way to British high streets from the USA have been eye-catching to say the least.

We’re hoping that the so-far lacklustre spring -we’re talking weather here- will blossom into a beautiful Spring/Summer 2012, so it’s just as well that we’re checking out the latest trends winging their way over from the US that we can expect to grace our wardrobes this year.

One of the latest trends to show that flowers can travel well is the yards of floral prints being put out onto the shelves in the UK right now.  From dainty and ditzy prints to vivid tropical colors of yellow and aquamarines (à la Proenza Schouler) flower power is one of the Spring/Summer season trends promising to put a bit of colour on our high streets whatever the skies above are doing.

One of the hottest trends in the trans-Atlantic cargo being off-loaded onto the UK high street at the moment are the gorgeous Aztec, Ethnic and Tribal prints coming out of the US’s Etro and Whitney Eve fashion houses and lending the a bit of sub-equatorial chic to the UK high street.

For classy ladies that want something to give them that roar (and phwoar) factor, a Google for ‘party dresses UK’will bring up a gaggle of ‘urban junglist’ numbers with funky patterns and rioting colours that are both chic and cool – and most importantly, affordable, with retailers like New Look leading the trend.

Urban Bliss 2in1 Animal Print Chiffon Skirt Dress from New Look, £29.99

Equally as requiring of sunglasses are the bright and brash monochrome colors of handbags, belts and shoes available in the latest colors – yellow, scarlet red, pink and electric blue.  Surely Marc Jacobs deserves the accolade for bringing color into our accessories’ lives this year?

And if that’s not a statement enough for you, try teaming that bejeweled handbag (yep, the embossed look is back) with those chunky-heeled wedges (again, thank you Marc) to give any outfit-even a demure floral print- a bit of pizzazz.

For the girl with a more casual palette and look, muted and bold colored jeans à la Giles Deacon (not the man to let his designs retreat shyly) are bang on trend and what about that pajama look again?  Well, if Rihanna wearing pajamas isn’t enough to convince you of one of the more unusual trends to come out of the US in 2012, then nothing will!

Try teaming the look with a belt, though the jury is out whether to go chunky or wide but it depends on whether you want to work that Fifties look with a cinched waist (as Prada and Proenza Schouler rocked in New York) or go for an accessory piece.

Whatever you do, the mantra for 2012 is ‘Matchy Matchy’ according to Fashionistas at the aptly named  ‘Matches’ fashion branch.  Print is fine, plain is fine, but whatever you do, don’t do eclectic ‘got-dressed-in-the-dark-mish-mash’ of the two!