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Favorite Fall Jackets

Boston weather is unpredictable as usual, leaving some of us confused. It has been eighty degrees one day, then sixty degrees and raining, then chilly and cloudy. However, I’m optimistic that the cooler weather will get here soon and stick around. Personally, I’d much rather there be a chill in the air than walking the streets of Boston completely drenched in sweat. I would be thrilled if the fall season lasted all year. Check out all of the fall jackets that I have my eye on this season.

  1. Military: The military trend is one that resurfaces every few years, and this year it’s back. My favorite part about this look is that it’s comprised of clean lines that are flattering to anyone. Zara’s military coatis one of my favorite choices this fall.

    Zara Military Coat With Gold Buttons
    Zara Military Coat With Gold Buttons $159.00
  2. Textured: This wool coatfrom H&M is the kind of coat that never goes out of style. It’s a timeless piece and the light grey color is a nice change for someone like me who only wears black coats.

    H&M Wool Coat
    H&M Wool Coat $99.00
  3. Jean: Denim is hotter than ever with resurgence of denim shirts and jackets. I love a denim jacket for those days when you need something to cover up, but it’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat. I recently purchased this jacketat American Eagle and have been wearing it all of the time.
    American Eagle Denim Jacket
    American Eagle Denim Jacket $49.95


  4. Faux-Leather: Who doesn’t love a faux-leather jacket? I’ve had one for a few years from Forever 21, but I think it might be time for a new one. Adding a jacket like this to an outfit instantly adds a bit of edge to whatever you’re wearing. I’ve been eyeing this Pins and Needles Hyde Jacketfrom Urban Outfitters. It even comes in three colors!

    Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Hyde Jacket
    Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Hyde Jacket $99.00

What are your favorite fall jackets?

Photos: Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle

Urban Outfitters BDG Fall Collection

Sometimes I feel a bit silly writing about the upcoming fall collections while it’s still summer.  In fact, as I sit here lusting over fall colored denim, warm sweaters, and riding boots, I’m wearing a bathing suit and packing up a bag to head over to the beach!

I know I should enjoy each season while I have it, but fall is my absolute season.  In fact, by the time mid-July hits, I’m starting to break out my blazers and every other piece of clothing that could help me in pretending it’s fall, without absolutely sweltering when I step outside.

So, in honor of my favorite season, I wanted to give you a little preview of the new BDG collection at Urban Outfitters.

The fall 2012 BDG collection at Urban Outfitters

With 77 new printed and colored denim styles, UO is releasing a massive collection come fall.  The new line will be available in two signature fits – the Twig and the Cigarette and will feature an array of fall colors including eggplant, wine, and ocean blue.

In addition to the new colored denim, UO will now offer tons of brand new prints; among those are ikat and florals (I’m secretly squealing with excitement about new florals!).

A floral pattern from the fall 2012 BDG collection at Urban Outfitters

With the release of their new denim collection, UO is making sure to cover all of their bases, with patterns and colors for every style and taste.

Will you be donning colored or patterned denim this fall?

Getting Creative At Urban Outfitters: In-Store DIY Denim Vest

After seeing two sleeveless denim vests this week, I decided it’s a summer staple that my wardrobe needs. The first was paired with a neon pink dress, and the other was paired with white jeans and cute wedges (these girls aptly avoided looking like biker chicks — score!).

So this morning I set off on a hunt to add this piece to my wardrobe and had a seemingly difficult time. The first sleeveless denim vest I found was cute and tapered, but was $130. Not what I wanted to pay for something so trendy. So I continued the quest and landed in Urban Outfitters. I thought I had struck out again when the only vest they had looked totally wrong, until the sales girl made a suggestion- buy one of the denim shirts and cut off the sleeves- brilliant!!! (As if I haven’t been making cut-off denim shorts for my entire life.)

The original denim shirt before

The girl who was helping me out proceeded to disappear, returning with what looked like the soft, super cozy denim button downs on display, but without sleeves! She explained that their merchandise director had already made these “vests” by simply taking sharp scissors and cutting the sleeves off right inside the store. Of course, I was terrified to buy the $60 denim button down and cut it up myself, so I gave it to the merchandise director and she did it for me right in front of my eyes!

Things got real artsy-fartsy up in the store this morning but I absolutely loved it. Not only did I get exactly what I was looking for, but the sales girl and merchandise director made it fun, quick and easy! I left mine a little long because I like everything oversized, but the option to cut off the bottom still remains. Obviously I’m so excited about it that I’m wearing it tonight — take a look at my outfit! And stop in at Urban for some DIY crafting of denim vests.

So comfy!


Side view
Denim Vest, Crop Top and High-Waisted Shorts - Urban Outfitters; Watch - Swatch



Photos: Lauren Markarian/BeautyXpose

White Clothing’s Return

A very old and popular fashion saying is that “you can only wear white beginning on Memorial Day and not after Labor Day.” While many designers have disagreed with this statement, I have to say that I think there is at least SOME sensibility behind it. While I definitely can be found wearing my white and off-white tops in the winter, there are several items I would never be caught dead in other than over the summer months.

White pants, shorts, dresses and even some tops should be left to abide by this rule. With Memorial Day this weekend, your chance to wear these white items is right around the corner. The best part about white clothing is that you can match basically anything you want with them. You can also go for different looks with white—a nautical top brings out the preppy side of a white bottom, while a white flouncy dress can appear very bohemian.

Check out some of my favorite white pieces of clothing below to add to your own wardrobe this summer season!

Capri Scalloped Shorts– Nasty Gal- $58

Scalloped shorts are popping up in every store display this summer season! White is the most feminine and versatile option for this style of shorts.


Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in White Wash– Madewell- $115

Every girl needs a pair of killer white pants. Pair with brights, neutrals, and patterns on top.


Oasis Lantern Dress– Asos- $113.07

The cut-outs on this dress are the perfect new take on a typical white summer dress. Preppy yet chic at the same time!


Coincidence & Chance Gaucho Jumper– Urban Outfitters- $49

I am in love with this jumper. The style of it is perfect and a belt can easily be added as an accessory.

What is your favorite piece of white clothing?

My Love-Hate Relationship with Rompers

Rompers and I have a love-hate relationship, meaning I love how they look on the hanger and hate how they look once they’re actually on me. They just seem to fit awkwardly on me, but luckily, I did find one last spring that works for me. So this season I’m on the hunt to find another romper that fits me well. Here are a few that I have my eye on.

I’m hoping this Forever 21 romper works out for me because I love the addition of the pleats. Since the romper is solid, this adds a little extra to it. The belt is a great touch, defining the waist and making the piece less monochromatic.

Forever 21-Pleated Romper with Belt, $19.80

ASOS has a million rompers that I’m obsessed with. They include little details that make their rompers ultra-feminine. The ASOS Playsuit with Lace Insert comes in blue and yellow and is perfect for the warm weather.

ASOS-Playsuit with Lace Insert, $63.63

Another one I can’t wait to try on is the ASOS Playsuit with True Blue Embroidery. It has great detail with pom pom trim at the ends of the shorts and embroidery at the top.

ASOS-Playsuit with True Blue Embroidery, $81.81

This romper for Urban Outfitters really caught my eye for a variety of reasons. I love how structured it is since it will hug the body instead of loosely hanging off like a lot of rompers do. The stripes were the next selling point. Nautical looks are definitely in right now and the best part is that the stripes are diagonal, making it more flattering than as if they were all horizontal.

Urban Outfitters -Cooperative Striped Top Sailor Romper, $59.00

I’ve definitely found a few rompers I’m excited to try out. What’s your take on rompers?

Springtime Flats at Urban Outfitters

Last week I was absolutely amazed at how the weather went from being in the 30s to the 60s in just a matter of days. Looking ahead into the forecast I noticed many more warm days in the near future (finally!). However, as I picked out my outfit for the first warm day, I realized my beloved oxfords that I wore all last spring are a little worn. The transition from winter boots to spring sandals can be tricky, and sometimes not even that long of a time period, so I made it my goal for the weekend to find a pair of inexpensive spring flats to take me through the next month on my feet!

I went to many different stores on Newbury Street, and was surprised when I found the most adorable and price-friendly flats to be at Urban Outfitters. With a variety of styles and colors ranging from classic cognac to the very “in” pastels, I knew that the pair of shoes I was searching for was in the near future. Behold I found an adorable pair of vanilla and tan striped flats. I was first hesitant to buy them because I wasn’t sure how the stripes would match with my everyday attire, but they are so neutral that I find them matching with everything.

As I explore the site, I keep finding more awesome spring flats that weren’t even in the store. Guess I’ll have to wait for my next paycheck!

Check out some of my favorite Urban Outfitters spring flats here and find your own pair to carry you over to sandal season below.

Kimchi Blue Crochet Skimmer– $34

These crochet flats appear comfortable and tie in some texture to an outfit.

Ecote Peep-Toe Skimmer– $39

Love the pastel color of these flats- they’re almost like a sandal flat with their open sides!

Cooperative Classic Canvas Loafer– $34

These are the little beauts I bought! Absolutely love them and the style.

Cooperative Lace-Up Grosgrain Ballet Skimmer– $34

This blue color is certain to add that desired pop of color to any outfit this spring.

What are you favorite flats for Spring?

Photos: Urban Outfitters


Darling Dresses for Spring

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons, so it’s no surprise I’m anxious for it to officially start. The best part about spring is finally being able to put away my winter coat and throw on a cute dress with a lightweight jacket over it. I never wear bright colors in winter and stick with muted colors like black, grey and blue. But with spring coming up, I’m excited to get some bright dresses and bring some long lost color into my wardrobe.

I love the mod look that shift dresses bring and with the simplicity of the cut, you can go crazy with colors and patterns. The Mod Dots Shift Dress from Forever 21 is two-tone with polka dots, giving you a fun, playful look.

Forever 21-Mod Dot Shift Dress, $22.80

Lilly Pulitzer has great prints this season for shifts like the ones that are available for the Ricci Shift.

Lilly Pulitzer-Ricci Shift, $178.00

If you don’t love patterns, try color blocking. This way you’re still wearing spring colors, but without the busy aspect of prints. The Lucca Couture Cutout Dress from Urban Outfitters is simple, but the two colors make you stand out.

Urban Outfitters-Lucca Couture Cutout Dress, $59.00

Want something a little less form fitting? Try the Colorblock Bloomstick Dress from Forever 21.

Forever 21-Colorblock Broomstick Dress, $22.80

Choose a floral print against a tame background color if you’re looking for some color, but not too much. Zara’s Open Waist Dress has pops of pink against a dark background, so it’s not overwhelming.

Zara-Open Waist Dress, $49.90

Spring is all about color, so get away from your winter wardrobe and brighten up!

Those Heels Weren’t Made For Walking: Fall Alternatives to Stilettos

As I’ve been walking on campus and around Boston lately, I can’t help but feel bad for all the young women I see walking around in stilettos or boots with a thin stiletto heel. We all know you want to look good, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice being comfortable. Plus, if you can’t walk that well in heels, you just look ridiculous. Someone had to be the one to tell you, but don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives to stilettos this fall that are cute AND comfortable!

Oxfords are classic and cute for class. They are far better for walking around the city than heels are and are really versatile. You can wear them with cuffed jeans and a cardigan for a preppy look or a cute skirt and tank for a more feminine look.  These CWIK Oxfords from Aldo are great in cognac, but they come in gray, dark brown, black, and black patent leather as well! If you can’t get through the day without wearing heels, these Kimchi Blue Wooden Heel Oxfords from Urban Outfitters are perfect for you!

Kimchi Blue Wooden Heel Oxford: $78.00, Urban Outfitters

Zara has some great wedges that aren’t too high and can be worn for a casual look during the day or later on for a nighttime look.

ZARA Wedge Lace-Up Ankle Boot: $129.00

This Patent Leather Wedge Shoe has a smaller heel and an ankle strap, which makes it even easier to walk in.

ZARA Patent Leather Wedge Shoe With Ankle Strap: $79.90

You can never go wrong with a cute pair of flats. Black patent leather and nude patent leather flats are timeless and can literally be worn with anything. They’re comfortable for walking and the patent leather makes them appropriate for nighttime occasions.

BDG Basic Suede Skimmer: $34.00, Urban Outfitters

If you still can’t give up your heels, try a heeled boot with a smaller, chunkier heel. The Qualheim style from Aldo is the perfect boot for walking around because the heel is short and thick, so it is much easier to balance yourself. They’re casual and won’t give off the impression that you’re trying too hard while walking around campus or the city.

Save your stilettos for nighttime and special occasions. There are plenty of alternatives this fall that will have you looking just as cute, but have you feeling a lot more comfortable!

 Cover Photo: John Nyberg

Colorblock Your Wardrobe

It seems as though everyone is flocking towards the colorblocking trend, but rightfully so. Why wear a piece of clothing in one of your favorite colors when you can wear a dress, shirt or shorts in two, three or even four of your favorite colors?

I happened to be perusing around in Urban Outfitters recently looking for some summer dresses to keep cool in and found this adorable number.  I was in love!  I was fully aware that the colorblocking trend was spreading quickly, but I had not exactly bought into it until I spotted that Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Dress tucked away in one of Urban’s many clothing racks.

By now, most designers have figured out the right recipes to combining blues with greens or pinks with purples- a few have even dared to mix purple and red (successfully!).  But, it’s not just clothing that has been colorblocked lately – bags, bracelets and even bathing suits have joined in on the fun.  Check out some of these cute dresses and accessories and pick out your favorite color combination!


Cheerful Color Combinations

1. ASOS 2. ASOS 3. Madewell 4. Marc Jacobs 5. Urban Outfitters

What is your favorite way to colorblock this summer?

Latest Discovery: Urban Outfitters’ Polish Line

If you couldn’t tell by the blazing temperatures and packed beaches, it’s finally July which means hands aren’t stuffed into mittens anymore and feet are finally once again outfitted in open toed sandals and flats.  However, if you are anything like me, this also means the tedious upkeep, yet enjoyable task of managing to keep your nails painted and chip free.  I must admit I most often paint my own nails and toe nails — splurging for someone else to do it for me is a scarce luxury.

Don’t get me wrong, I love venturing out for the occasional manicure and pedicure combo, but sometimes I realize I should save my money (and by saving my money, I mean saving for a week until I wind up out shopping for clothes again).  Regardless, Urban Outfitters’ line of nail polishes is completely affordable and super cute to boot!  Retailing for $5, or two for $8, the array of shades offers something for everyone!  From vibrant lime green, to nude beige, shoppers at Urban can find a shade to match any outfit.  I’ve personally already been back to Urban Outfitters’ multiple times in my hunt for the best new polish colors.  I’ve found a dark grey which tends to get the most compliments (probably because of how different from other colors it is) and a bright teal color (which tends to get the most stares, but good stares!).

I do love the colors, but some of them will definitely need two coats, so just keep that in mind if you’re looking for a quick-dry solution — although I think these are totally worth the extra round of painting.

From left to right-Nude 4, an unnamed teal, and Orange 7. My three favorite shades this summer!

I broke out my three favorite shades to share with all of you lovely readers (Nude 4, Orange 7, and my absolute favorite, the unnamed teal shade), but I would suggest going to check out the shades for yourself!


The teal color which has been my favorite summer shade thus far. Isn’t it just so pretty?
Here’s what the teal polish looks like when painted on. Remember, two coats for this color!

Or, if you already own some, which shade is your favorite?