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Foot Fetish Friday: Are Reverse Heels a Schwing! or a Miss?

Recently seen on the runways and on daring celebs like Victoria Beckham, reverse heel shoes certainly are turning heads.  But is it positive attention they’re getting?  You tell us.


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Photo: Marc Jacobs Backwards Heels courtesy of Net-A-Porter.com

As Art = Cool, as Shoes = Fail

Today, one of our BX staffers sent me a great little roundup of The 10 Strangest Shoes in Fashion Today by the folks at InventorSpot.

First, I wouldn’t really say these shoes are found anywhere in normal society, so if “in fashion” means the surrealistic runway shows, then okay (please prove me wrong – I’d LOVE to see a real person on the street wearing these).  Second, “strangest” is putting it mildly.

These shoes are N-A-S-T-Y, atrocious, fetid (see the rat slippers), painful, and in some instances, unwearable if you’re actually going to be walking in them.  Don’t get me wrong – as works of art, I think they rock – they’re incredibly creative and evoke a strong reaction, which is what most artists want.  But as actual shoes, they’re monstrosities.

We’ve attached them here for your viewing pleasure:

high_chair_shoes talon
screw-yourself paper-puma
tarantula-shoe gameboy-addict
beep-beep-shoes rat-race
greener-pastures pants-shoes

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Disclaimer: We’ve renamed these works of art to depict our own thoughts on what they’re saying to us. We also attributed them to their creators when possible; if you know of the proper artist/maker, please let us know and we’ll add them immediately.