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WTF of the Week: The Intimia Breast Pillow

intimia breast pillow

How do you avoid chest wrinkles short of botoxing your boobies? Simply heave apart your cleavage with the new Intima Breast Pillow.

WTF of the Week: Chicks With Steve Buscemi’s Eyes

Pink via ChicksWithSteveBuscemEyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And in Steve Buscemi’s case….his soul scares the jeepers cripes out of us. What could be scarier than that? If your favorite celebs had Steve Bucemi’s eyes.

WTF of the Week: Roadkill Carpet

road kill rug cover

Have you ever just stared at a room in your house and felt like something was missing? That perfect piece of decor that would just tie in the room’s theme altogether? Well, demented ladies and gents, the answer may have been thudding beneath your tires all along.

WTF of the Week: WineRack Flask-Bra

flask bra

Need to save some cash at the club? Smuggle your spirits and make your bosom appear more buxom.

WTF of the Week: Urban Outfitters Bunny Ears Headband

urban outfitters bunny ears headband cover

With this horrific headband at Urban Outfitters, we can’t help but wonder — is Hugh Hefner in the house?

WTF of the Week: The Man Heel (or Meel)

rick owens man heel

While small stacked heels made their way into men’s fashion throughout the ages, in modern day, we’re not so sure they’d fly, though some fashion experts assert the contrary. But you tell us — would the men you know strut in stilettos?

WTF of the Week:

beautiful job logo

Research has shown that “beautiful” people have certain advantages when it comes to navigating the crowded job market. Now, touts away to make it even easier for beautiful, unemployed brethren to get work — and it’s ugly.

WTF of the Week: Go Away Gray

go away gray cover

This miracle pill purportedly stops the graying process and allows your natural hair color to return with new growth. So why haven’t we heard about it all over the news?

WTF of the Week: Stinky Bomb Soaps

grenade soap cover

Looking for a soap that will blow you out of the water? These military weapon inspired soaps will have you lathered up in arms!

WTF of the Week: Vulva Necklace Pendants


We’re all for girl power and embracing the beauty of the female form. But we cross the line at wearing anything that depicts certain female “forms.” Move over boob scarf — Move over boob scarf — a new “lady parts” accessory has snatched our WTF title.